Toyota Relax with Mid Ulster Cars!

At Toyota we take great pride in the quality, and reliability of our vehicles.

Toyota Relax gives Toyota owners 12 months/10,000 miles’ cover for their vehicle each time they have it serviced at an official Toyota centre. The warranty is automatically applied and there is no extra cost to the customer.

The service-activated Toyota warranty can continue until the vehicle reaches 10 years or has covered 100,000 miles. All Toyota models qualify as long the age and mileage criteria are met, including passenger cars and light commercial vans and pick-ups.

They do not have to have been purchased from a Toyota centre – second, third and even fourth-hand vehicles traded privately or from other outlets are eligible. The protection also applies to every type of powertrain, from market-leading hybrids and conventional petrol and diesel models to advanced new battery electric vehicles.

There are no forms to sign to obtain the warranty cover and the customer does not have to keep or present any policy documents should they need to make a claim. The warranty status of their vehicle is recorded in the details of their vehicle held by the Toyota network and is noted on the service invoice raised by the centre.

In addition to Toyota Relax, we provide the following cover to give you full peace of mind when buying your next Toyota.

  • 15 year Toyota Hybrid battery cover
  • 12 year anti-corrosion and perforation warranty
  • 3 year paintwork and surface rust warranty
  • 5 year Mirai Fuel Cell Warranty
  • GR Yaris Track Usage
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