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At the recent Mid Ulster Cars Long Service Awards, Gerard Rogers and Kieran Muldoon were recognised for 40 and 30 years service respectively. Their achievement has caught the attention of Toyota GB and now the Toyota blog has penned an article for their 'Toyota People' series, to find out more about their experience working for the Toyota brand and Mid Ulster Cars

When did you start working for Toyota and how did you get to where you are today?

Gerard: It was a little over 40 years ago. Sometime in the late Seventies, though it’s a little difficult to remember exactly when now [grins]. I’ll have a think while Kieran fills you in…

Kieran: For me it was in July 1986, coming up for 33 years ago. I’d always wanted to work in the motor industry, so after leaving school I was interviewed by the service and sales managers of Mid Ulster Cars and joined the dealership as an apprentice mechanic. A little later I joined the parts and warranty side of the business, and that was followed by the service department. It’s where I’ve remained until this day.

How do you feel about being some of the longest-serving employees within the Toyota network?

Kieran: One of the reasons I’ve been here so long is that I like the way Toyota does things, from the cars themselves to the management systems I use to look up parts. I think there’s an ease to working on and working for Toyota that you don’t get with other brands. And despite all the new technologies now being built into the cars they are reliable and offer longevity – which is great when you consider that my department looks after the warranty side of the business. They’re pretty much bulletproof, to be honest.

Gerard: I’d never really thought about it until recently, to be honest. Now that I have, I’d say that time has really flown – quicker than I’d ever imagined. But there’s a saying about that, isn’t there…

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Source: Toyota Blog