How far can it travel on one charge?

The bZ4X has a top range of 318 miles as with any vehicle this depends on a number of factors such as driving style, weather etc (visit toyota.co.uk for more detail)

How long does it take to charge?

The charging time for an electric vehicle depends on the charger type and initial battery level. Rapid chargers take under 2 hours for 10% to 100%. Fast chargers need 7-10 hours, while the slowest 1.8 kW charger can take up to 40 hours.

What is the battery life an EV?

Toyota can provide up to 10 years battery warranty with the Toyota bZ4X. This is provided through an initial 8 years manufacturer warranty from the vehicle’s registration date. With an additional 12 months warranty included with every qualifying service at an authorised Toyota dealer, up to 10 years from the vehicle’s registration date.

What are the benefits of driving electric?

-There is a lower cost of charging at home in comparison to filling up with petrol or diesel at a service station. You can also benefit from not having to pay road tax. In addition to this, servicing costs are lower than petrol, diesel, or hybrid vehicles.

-As electric vehicles run on battery power so they don’t release tailpipe emissions whilst driving.

-All electric vehicles are automatic, and with no combustion engine, they offer a smooth and quiet journey.

Where can I charge it?

There are three different charging options when it comes to charging your electric vehicle;

When you're on the go you could use the public Rapid (43kW to 50kW) chargers available across Northern Ireland, which can be easily found using Zap Maps (https://www.zap-map.com/live/).

Additionally you could use a Fast (7kW to 22kW) charger which can be installed at home or found in many public and workplace car parks.

Or you could use a Slow (3.7kW) charger through a domestic 3-pin plug socket, however this method is the lowest way to charge an electric vehicle.

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