Toyota Hybrid Cars


When it comes to hybrid cars, Toyota has revolutionised and innovated the market for over 23 years. In that time, we have saved more than 120 million tonnes of CO2 worldwide, compared to equivalent petrol engines. With high performance and dynamic innovation in our DNA, our range of stylish hybrids are enjoyed by over 15 million drivers globally.

What is a hybrid car?

There is often confusion about what a hybrid car is. In the case of a Toyota hybrid vehicle it is a pairing of two conventional power sources that work seamlessly together to propel the car forward:

  1. A petrol engine
  2. An electric motor (Self-charging - there is no need to plug in!)

As mentioned above, a Toyota hybrid car is self-charging meaning you don’t need to plug it in. The battery charges itself through the engine in normal driving and it recycles energy every time you use the brakes, turning the car’s energy back into electricity.

Drive like you always have!

Toyota Hybrid Electric models seamlessly switch between petrol and electric to optimise driving performance. The self charging hybrid system, with no need to plug-in, means you can drive like you always have.

Are hybrids fun to drive?

Thanks to the combination of powerful electric motors and a responsive petrol engine, Toyota Hybrid cars are fun to drive.


Designed with ease in mind. Toyota petrol electric hybrids switch seamlessly between power sources, which means you can drive like you always have.


A cleaner and greener way to drive. Toyota Hybrid Electric vehicles emit less CO2 than the equivalent petrol or diesel car, with more than 120 million tonnes of CO2 worldwide saved over the last 23 years.


We are so confident in our technology that every petrol electric hybrid model comes with a 15 year hybrid battery extended cover if you have a yearly Toyota Hybrid Electric Service.


Toyota full petrol electric hybrids are self-charging; no need to plug in. Simply get in, buckle up and generate power as you drive.

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