Toyota Hybrid Cars

Did you know?

  • Toyota have more than 20 years experience as leaders in hybrid technology
  • Over 10 million people have already chosen to drive Toyota Hybrid

In 1997, Toyota led the way with its pioneering hybrid technology through the introduction of the legendary Prius. The Prius marked a new era and left the old way of driving behind. Today, the Toyota hybrid range has a model to fit every lifestyle from the trendy Yaris, to the C-HR crossover and the All New Rav4!

The Northern Ireland Toyota Hybrid Drive

In Northern Ireland, Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular and we have noticed many of our customers trading in their petrol or diesel and making the switch to hybrid. To date, there have been over 1,000 hybrid test drives across Northern Ireland, covering over 6,000 miles!

To show the real benefits of Toyota hybrid we teamed up with Toyota dealers across Northern Ireland to drive across the county, visiting iconic locations along the way.

What is a hybrid car?

There is often confusion about what a hybrid car is. In the case of a Toyota hybrid vehicle it is a pairing of two conventional power sources that work seamlessly together to propel the car forward:

  1. A petrol engine
  2. An electric motor (Self-charging - there is no need to plug in!)

As mentioned above, a Toyota hybrid car is self-charging meaning you don’t need to plug it in. The battery charges itself through the engine in normal driving and it recycles energy every time you use the brakes, turning the car’s energy back into electricity.

    Benefits of Toyota hybrid

    • Cleaner way to drive
    • No need to plug in
    • Lower emissions
    • High miles per gallon
    • Cost efficient
    • Relaxing and tranquil drive
    • Never run out of battery

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