New Toyota Supra

If it’s pure performance and no-frills energy you’re looking for, your search is over. The new Toyota Supra is back and ready to set your pulse racing.


The all-new Supra draws on its 30-year racing heritage, boasting a low stance, a sleek, aerodynamic profile, and carefully balanced proportions. A distinctive lighting signature gives it an aggressive feel, while wide front air intakes prove that this model is all about performance.


Racing DNA runs through the Toyota Supra, influencing everything from its lightweight body materials to its fierce engine. Its lineage has bestowed upon it a front-mounted straight six-cylinder engine and a rear-wheel drive configuration – a combination which makes for pure driving thrills. Sporting the new A90 chassis for improved dynamics and a perfectly placed centre of gravity, it holds the road like never before, delivering exceptional cornering and responsive steering.


The best of the Supra’s technology lies under its skin. An electronically controlled active differential and Adaptive Variable Suspension make this racer’s handling what it is. The former controls the amount of torque sent to each wheel, while the latter offers superior comfort. Together, they make for a precise and agile drive both on the racetrack and the road. 

Performance Six-cylinder engine
History 30-year racing heritage
Performance A90 chassis